About Corbett National Park

Nestled in the foothills of the Himayals in the newly formed state of Uttaranchal Jim Corbett National Park is haven for wildlife lovers in India.Extended over an area of 520.82sq.km. with a varied landscape and rich bio diversity the national park is inhabited by a variety of animal species.

Flat valleys are interspersed with hilly ridges and the Park's rolling grasslands provide an excellent view of its rich eco system.

About Corbett Gateway Spa & Resort

Corbett Gateway Spa & Resort brings you closer to the magic of nature. With us, you explore the beauty of wild, enigma of purity and enjoy the subtle touch of real natural experience.

While we make your stay memorable, we also offer a holistic experience including wild safaris, nature walks at Jim Corbett National Park and a perfect rendezvous with the Himalayan region.


Corbett Gateway Spa & Resort
Corbett Gateway Spa & Resort
Corbett Gateway Spa & Resort
Corbett Gateway Spa & Resort


Deluxe Rooms: 8,999/-AP
Premium Suite: 9,999/-AP
Presidential Suite: 11,999/-AP

We were very pleased with the pick-up and transport that you provided - it was the most luxurious travelling we did all tour! We were quite happy with the Corbett Gateway Spa & Resort, certainly the food and accommodation and pool were excellent. We were happy with the safaris put on. The group also enjoyed the 'adventure' activities you put on, it was a great way to pass the afternoon. All of those who did had an excellent time and enjoyed the Cobett tour and really appreciated the guide I think. I think that's about it.... readmore...